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Announcement Complete registration of treasury shares write off for amended capital reduction


1. Date of the competent authority’s approval of capital reduction: 2019/10/21

2. Date of completion of capitalization change registration:2022/10/31

3. Effect on the financial statements (including any discrepancy between the amount of paid-in capital and the no.of shares outstanding, and the effect on net worth per share): Capital reduction base date 2022/10/09

 (1) Paid-in capital: before the reduction is NT$1,816,742,240 and after the reduction is NT$1,732,032,240.

 (2) Number of shares outstanding: before the reduction is 173,203,224 shares and after the reduction is 173,203,224 shares.

 (3) The net asset value of each share: before the reduction is NT$16.30 and after the reduction is NT$16.30. The net worth per share is estimated based on 2022/06/30's self-closing financial reports.

4. Plan for expected share replacement operations: NA

5. Estimated no.of listed common shares after capital reduction and new issue: NA

6. Estimated no.of listed common shares as a percentage of issued common shares after capital reduction and new issue (No.of common shares after capital reduction/No.of issued common shares): NA

7. Countermeasures for poor circulation of equity if the aforesaid estimated no.of listed common shares does not reach 60 million shares and the percentage does not reach 25% after capital reduction: NA

8. Any other matters that need to be specified: Received approval letter of amended registration from Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C on 2022/11/1