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Resignation of Corporate Supervisor

1. Date of occurrence of the change: 2020/03/20

2. Appointment of or changed personnel (juristic-person director, juristic-person supervisor,

    independent director, natural-person director or natural-person supervisor): Juristic-person supervisor

3. Title, name and resume of the replaced personnel:

Yi-Run Investment Co., Ltd. Representative: Hung-Change Lin

4. Title, name and resume of the new personnel: N/A

5. Type of the change (please enter: “resignation”, “discharge”, “tenure expired”, “death” or

    “new appointment” ): Resignation

6. Reason for the change: Resignation

7. Number of shares held by the new personnel at the time of appointment: N/A

8. Original term (from __________ to __________): 2019/06/12~2022/06/11

9. Effective date of the new appointment: N/A

10. Rate of turnover of directors of the same term: N/A

11. Rate of turnover of supervisor of the same term: 1/3

12. Rate of turnover of independent director of the same term: N/A

13. Change in one-third or more of directors (“Yes” or “No”): No

14. Any other matters that need to be specified: Will conduct a re-election of one seat of Supervisors on 2020 Board of Directors' meeting.