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LED Lighting / LED Indoor Lighting
LED Filament Light Bulb with sapphire base

 Energy saving: Energy savings above 70%, compared to traditional luminaires with same specification.


▪ Environmental friendly: Lead free; mercury free and comply with RoHS standard.


▪ Non-poison: No ultraviolet radiation, no infrared radiation, and no stroboscope. Instant startup.


▪ Comfort: No luminous spots. High color rendering index and well color rendering.


▪ Long life time: well heat dissipation effect with continually usable above 25,000 hours. Safe and reliable to


  achieve replacement-free and maintenance-free conditions.


▪ Applicable spaces: boutique displays, book galleries, Crystal light, offices, restaurants, ambient lighting


  and industrial lighting.


▪ Comply with CNS, UL, CE and CQC standards.

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